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Swimsuit Soccer
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The most fun at "School" you'll ever have!


Learn technical and tactical soccer skills through games that are so fun you're hair might just fly off!


Calvin Deutsch is an "D" licensed coach and has run the Wauwatosa Kickers U6 Program since it's inception in 2004.  


This program has become one of the biggest and most enjoyable U6 programs in the region.

He has coached in the Tosa Kickers at multiple age levels from U6-18 as well as serving roles as Co-Technical Director and Academy in the past.

Peter Sanger, also known as "Super Peter the Soccer Ball Eater" has assisted the U6 program since 2009 in addition to serving as the Varsity head coach at Tosa West High School and a Coach Instructor with the Tosa Kickers

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